Adult Volunteering

"Yes, that is right, you can help out as well!"

Aside from our civilian committee, we have a great team of volunteers who make up the staff of 633 Squadron, without whom there would be no squadron, and our cadets would not be able to take part in all the amazing opportunities offered by the ATC. Our squadron staff consists of uniformed and non-uniformed volunteers with a diverse range of skills, age and experience, all of which is of great benefit to the cadets.

We are always looking for new volunteers with a passion for encouraging success and helping cadets to achieve more than they they think they can. Your contribution could range from occasionally transporting cadets to/from events or providing minibus support for various activities, to instructing and training cadets in one or more specialised subjects/areas or assisting with the mammoth task of keeping the squadron running on a day-to-day basis. 

Uniformed and non-uniformed roles are available depending on how much time you are willing to give, and the main prerequisite is that you are at least 20 years of age and consent to a DBS check. Civilian instructor roles are the usual starting point for new adult volunteers, with progression into uniform as a junior commissioned or senior non-commissioned officer possible via an interview/selection process followed by a training course.

 What can you offer?

The main thing you need is enthusiasm to help out, but if you have additional skills then all the better! Here is a list of the types of skills that would be helpful - but do not feel this list limits what you can offer:

  • Sports - field games, athletics, swimming etc
  • Adventure training - walking both lowland and on mountains, navigation skills, climbing, sailing, canoeing etc
  • Aviation interests - a passion and interest in aviation or related subjects
  • Leadership - personal development, teamwork and self-confidence building
  • Aero-modelling - static models, RC flying etc
  • General organisation skills
  • Fundraising

We meet twice a week and there are often activities at weekends an during school holidays. You decide how much of your time you can offer, there is no 'minimum hours' requirement for civilian instructors and you do not have to be at the squadron every parade night - though turning up regularly will help share the load with other staff. In contrast, uniformed staff are expected to attend the squadron on a regular basis (at least once a week), and there is generally more expectation for them to support events like training courses and camps, as well as take on 'extra curricular' things like minibus driving and assisting other local squadrons where needed.

How do I become an adult volunteer?

The road to joining us as an adult volunteer starts with a discussion with the OC. If you would like to know more about what is involved, or to start the ball rolling then please contact the OC or Adjutant.

 More information

For more information on adult volunteering here are some links to the Air Training Corps main website:

Once you get established then opportunities will arise for your own development, including training course, expeditions, trips, camps, flying, gliding and shooting. The cadet's safety and development comes first, but there is no reason why you cannot have some fun too! 


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