Parents & Guardians

Your son or daughter will take part in a range of activities during their time in the ATC. Upon joining, you will be required to complete a consent form, and provide us with all relevant medical and contact information. We also require two passport-sized photos (one to accompany the consent form and the other to go in the cadets' personal log book/ID, known as a 3822).

For the first few months, new cadets will be given some 'basic training' on parade nights in subjects such as the Air Training Corps, the Royal Air Force, history of flight, map reading, and basic radio communications. Once this has been completed, they will be formally enrolled and able to get involved with the full range of activities on offer such as camps, fundraising events, flying, gliding, shooting and adventure training. When participating in these activities cadets are expected to arrive on time and be in the appropriate uniform/clothing for the event and weather conditions (they will be briefed in advance). In most cases, this will involve early morning starts and/or late afternoon finishes (typical for flying and gliding), and lunch is not normally provided so cadets must bring their own food and drink.

Is there a cost?

There is a monthly subscription for being a member of the ATC. At 633 Squadron this is currently set at £10 per cadet. This can be paid monthly or in advance - however payments need to be kept up to date. If activities are over subscribed then we will look at each cadet's current subscription status and recent attendance figures to decide who gets priority.

Most of the 'core activities' (flying, gliding, shooting, parades, sports) are provided at no additional cost, however some activities such as camps and trips away may incur additional fees to cover accommodation, messing (food) or entry fees etc. This is subsidised wherever possible, and anyone concerned about this cost is invited to speak to our civilian committee or OC.

How do I get my son/daughter involved?

The first step to getting involved is to contact the OC or Adjutant to advise us of your interest. You will then be invited to attend a parade night or recruitment event where we will be able to show you more about what we offer. We generally prefer to have new cadets start at fixed 'intakes' throughout the year (typically every 3-4 months), rather than on an ad-hoc basis. This means we can plan our training programme better to provide basic training to one group rather than, say 10 cadets individually. Therefore, after visiting the squadron there may be a short wait before you can start, but we promise you it will be worth it!

If at any time your son or daughter decides the Air Cadets is no longer for them then we recommend that they and/or you discuss any decision to leave with the staff or civilian committee first. If they still wish to leave then all we ask is that their subscriptions are up-to-date and their uniform is returned on their last day with us.

 Can I get involved?

In short, YES! We are always looking for parents and guardians to join our civilian committee, who help us provide activities for cadets and keep the squadron going. If you feel that you have something to offer as an instructor, a mentor or general administration and planning, then have a look at our adult volunteering page for ways you can become a member of squadron staff.


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